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Supporting International Religious Freedom Under the Rule of Law

Law and Liberty International supports international religious freedom and the elimination of religion-based persecution and intolerance through informed advocacy and analysis of the many threats to basic religious liberties around the world,

Religious liberty under the rule of law is essential to national and international stability and peace.  We live in a global world where threats to religious, civil and political liberty in one country can quickly spread. People are increasingly unable to exercise fundamental religious freedom rights to believe, associate, and share their religious faith with others in many nations due to social hostilities and restrictive governmental regulation. Christians and other faith groups are targets of unspeakable violence by violent Islamist forces that seek to  unleash religion based genocides and chaos throughout the world. Authoritarian governments seek to silence all but their approved religious organizations.

We inform and advocate so that all people and all faiths in all nations may experience religious liberty and religious tolerance from their communities. We seek change where there is religious persecution and intolerance, working cooperatively with American and foreign governments, other NGO's, and religious groups. 
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