Law and Liberty Trust
Supporting International Religious Freedom Under the Rule of Law

About Law and Liberty Trust

Law and Liberty Trust was established in 1990 in Washington, DC.  It operates in Virginia using the name Law and Liberty International. For 33 years we have promoted religious freedom throughout the world. Our original purpose was to advocate for religious freedom and human rights in Russia and other former Soviet republics, which expanded to include other countries emerging from decades of anti-religious laws and persecution such as China..  LLT also focuses on Muslim majority countries where people face extreme repression and even extermination because their religious views differ from those espoused by armed extremist groups and state sponsored religious organizations.  We provide legal expertise to both foreign governments and to US government leaders on laws and policies governing freedom of religious belief and expression, including regulation of religious activities and organizations.  We advocate for international intervention where needed to stop religion-based genocides and ethnic cleansing. We support the work of minority religious groups and their leaders.  Law and Liberty works in tandem with many like minded groups and is a member of the US based International Religious Freedom Roundtable, the international Religious Liberty Partnership, and other coalitions. Our President serves on the Steering Committee of the IRF Roundtable and is the co-chair of its Middle East Task Force, chair of its Afghan Emergency Task Force, head of its Ukraine Emergency Task Force and a member of other working groups.


Lauren is an international lawyer with over four decades of experience. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the IRF Roundtable and Chair of its Middle East Working Group and also Chair of its Afghanistan Emergency Task Force.